About Cassi

I love textiles and paint and everything that goes into transforming my surroundings.

I made my first slipcover 8 years ago for myself. My sofa was no longer fresh and appealing and I was on a budget. I love the Pottery Barn style, and so after watching a couple of home improvement shows and browsing catalogs, I recruited my mom's help and we recovered my sofa with a dark denim, accented by gold stitching.

I was in love. From then on, I slipcovered everything I could.

I found that with a little effort and some fabric, my whole house could be transformed. My favorite part of any project is the "before" and "after." It's amazing to me that with some good bones, any old thing can be turned into something wonderful. I'm sure my kids live in fear of being slipcovered.

After several years of transforming my own furniture and helping others with their slipcovers, I finally decided to start my own business doing something I enjoy. And thus, Piping and Pleats was born.

To learn more about me and some of the other projects and activities I enjoy, you can visit my blog at SomethingForTheRoad.com.

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